7 Best Camping Heaters for Tents Buying Guide In 2023

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best camping heaters for tents

Camping is one of the best ways to spend your leisure, but it can turn into a nightmare if you don’t have a reliable heating unit. Hanging out allows you to meditate and stay in touch with nature. Since seasons are never the same; it can change from cold to hot or vice versa. During the summer, you won’t see anyone bothering about the need for a tent heater.

But, when the winter approaches, the price for tent heaters will even shoot due to high demand. Well, owning the best Camping Heaters for Tents is the best idea and the investment if you are an enthusiastic camper. However, due to varying options on the stores, our report provides you with not only durable, but also reliable in winter period. Go through the entire reviews to see if you can get your favorite tent heater.

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Best Camping Heaters for Tent Reviews

Dura Heat, Kerosene Tent HeaterDura Heat Kerosene Tent Heater

The DuraHeat Kerosene Tent Heater is the first camping heater for tents on the list that is the Dura Heat, Kerosene Tent Heater. It will provide you much more benefits than electric equivalents.

  • Convenient: It is very convenient and reliable for outdoor activities. The weight of the Dura Tent heater is 27.4 lb, and the dimension is 17.5 x 17.5 x 26.8.
  • BTU technology: You will have found a dynamic 23,800 BTU design that has the ability to generate heat for a 360-degree radius.
  • Wide heat coverage: A very gladable feature of this tent heater is that it can reach a wide area anytime you turn it on.
  • Robust build: Owing to having high-quality construction, it is usable even in harsh outdoor conditions. This one is a perfect winter companion because of its versatility.


  • Saves fuel
  • A protective grill
  • Easy to set up
  • Operates silently
  • All-round heat coverage
  • Lights up the area


  • Expensive

You will have found it as a lantern to light your tent up. This feature makes it useful in emergencies. It won’t disappoint you.

Honeywell 360-Degree Tent HeaterHoneywell 360 Degree Tent Heater

The Honeywell 360-Degree Tent Heater is what you are looking for due its perfect features. This one is a perfect heating partner for wintertime.

Features and benefits

  • Minimalist design: You will have found it as a compact and lightweight unit. Such a feature allows you to use the unit even if you are in a tight place.
  • Lightweight: The weight of the Honeywell 360-degree Tent heater is 4 lb making it very lightweight so that you will be able to carry it around wherever you go.
  • Handy handle: You will also have found a carrying handle making it very portable.
  • Simple to operate: The Honeywell 360-degree Tent Heater is reliable and easy to use outdoors. This tent heater comes with a user-friendly feature that provides you utmost comfort.
  • Variable heat setting: You will also have found the feature of two heat controls so that you can comfortably set the amount of warmth you want. It also consists of a thermostat that can adjust quickly and a 360-degree tip-over switch.



  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Portable & safe
  • Well-built
  • Energy-efficient
  • User-friendly


  • Noisy

This unit comes with the ability to provide you 360-degree radial warmth and performs well inside your tent. Give it a trial and you won’t regret it.

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Lasko MyHeat Battery Powered Tent HeaterLasko MyHeat Battery Powered Tent Heater

Gift yourself with the best heaters for tents by getting the Lasko MyHeat Battery Powered Tent Heater. It is affordable and efficient.

Features and benefits

  • Minimalist design: Owing to having a compact design, you will have found it suitable for indoor and outdoor use and lets you place it anywhere in your tent, on a chair, and a table during your reading.
  • Ceramic tower: With the help of the ceramic heating element, it will provide you enough heat to the surrounding area, along with a built-in fan smoothly and unobtrusively circulates warm air to an even much wider area.
  • Ergonomic operation: You can set it up very comfortably. You will have found many more features along with this tent heater. The exterior is very excellent. All the features will save you time and money, I think.


  • Compact
  • Power-efficient
  • Battery operated
  • Broad heat coverage
  • Quiet & affordable
  • Safety features


  • Lacks high/low power settings

Don’t ignore this product because it can use its 200-watt power to provide you efficient, reliable warmth.


PROWARM Portable Electric Tent HeaterPROWARM Portable Electric Tent Heater

If you are seeking for the quality heaters for tents, then you can go with the PROWARM Portable Electric Tent Heater. It can keep you warm in the winter season.

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight design: You will have found a small and portable design that makes it straightforward to carry around, and it will warm the interior of the tent. The weight of the electric tent heater is 7.6 lb, and the dimension is 10.2 x 10.2 x 11.4.
  • Ceramic tower: This one comes with the feature of the ceramic tower fan that has the ability to minimize the number of sound production, thanks to a low decibel rating.
  • Quiet operation: Owing to having the low-noise design, it lets you have conversations, relax, and sleep at night.
  • Variable heat settings: Owing to having three heat settings, you will be able to choose your preferred warmth, including a fan-only mode, and low as well as high heat levels that come as very user-friendly.
  • Durable design: This tent heater comes with the feature of a robust stainless-steel construction and has a ceiling mounting bracket as well.


  • Durable
  • Small/portable
  • Efficient performance
  • Fast heating
  • Variable fan speeds


  • Expensive to run

This one is an ideal personal unit in order to give you efficient warmth to the surrounding area wherever you are. The manufacturers make this tent heater with a 1500-watt engine that has the ability to heat your space instantly after you power it on.

Mr. Heater, 540 Degree Camping Gas HeaterMr. Heater 540 Degree Camping Gas Heater

 Mr. Heater, 540 Degree Camping Gas Heater is our next brand in our list with the following features and benefits.

Features and benefits

  • Highly versatile: You can use this tent heater for fishing, boating, or camping even in cold weather. Owing to having a unique design, this one is ideal for multifunctional applications outdoors.
  • Rotating burner: This tent heater has a rotating burner that has the ability to provide you directional and multi-directional heat in a 540-degree angle. Besides, you will have the option to regulate the temperature to match your requirements quickly.
  • Convenient: This one is made for your camping sprees, thanks a million to its many conveniences. Because of the push-button valve, it will make sure that it is comfortable to use and a shutoff, tip-over switch, which also ensures your safety A 20 lb.
  • Reliable cylinder: This one also comprises the gas cylinder along with a 180-degree mounting bracket in order to do multi-directional heat transfer.
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  • Durable
  • Rotating burner
  • Efficient heat supply
  • Reliable outdoors
  • Easy to operate


  • Costly
  • Not suitable for indoor use

Invest in this heater and spare yourself from the need of electricity. You will be mirth to know that it needs no electricity to run as it uses natural gas instead.

Mr. Heater Indoor-Safe Camping HeaterMr. Heater Indoor-Safe Camping Heater

Thank you along with this perfect camping heaters for tents by getting the Mr. Heater Indoor-Safe Camping Heater. You know that Mr. Heater is a famous brand in the aspect of camping adventure.

Features and benefits

  • Robust construction:  The manufacturers make this heater with steel, plastic, and nickel construction, making it long-lasting yet safe to use at any location.
  •  Ergonomic: Owing to having the ergonomic handle, you will be able to carry it easily wherever you go. Its power is to provide you 4000 to 9000 BTU for up to 225 sq. Ft. this Mr.
  • Highly portable: Heater comes as a portable design and comes with the ability to offer you heat to more extensive spaces.
  • Handy handle: With the help of the fold-down handle, you can easily carry it, but you also have the option to fold it down for storage. At a high BTU level, it can run up to 3 hours.


  • Portable
  • Lights up
  • Easy to use
  • Clean burning
  • Protective features


  • An exposed flame
  • A sensitive tip-over switch

This model will provide you a durable, user-friendly design; you can use this one for both indoor and outdoor use.

Mr. Heater, Little Buddy Tent HeaterMr. Heater Little Buddy Tent Heater

This one is my last recommendation for you is Mr. Heater, Little Buddy Tent Heater. It is a terrific source of warmth in your camping.

Features and benefits

  • Gigantic heating surface: Owing to having the large heating surface, which is coated with porcelain, that’s why you will have found it as quite durable and letting it distribute heat to a wide area.
  • Versatile: You can use it while camping, hunting, or backpacking, and it is also the right choice for indoor use during power outages as well as natural disasters.
  • Simple to use design: This one is straightforward to use, thanks a million to a single-ignition button.
  •  Convenience: It comes with the feature of an automatic, as well as low oxygen shutoff system that can increase your safety.


  • Durable
  • Foldable
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable temperature settings


  • Takes longer to ignite

Invest in this model since it has the ability to warm a 100 square feet space and runs continuously, odor-free, delivering maximum comfort at a 45-degree angle. 

Best Camping Heaters for Tent – Buyer’s Guide

Before buying one of them, you have to consider a reasonable number of things that will help you get the right one. The facts are discussed below:

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Location: When you buy a tent, you have to consider the location where you will go camping. Some places have electricity, or some others don’t. Where there is the connection of electricity, you can buy that one that will have the option to connect with electric energy. And where there is no electricity connection, you have to buy one, which comes with the ability to manage other systems to meet your needs.

Size: Different types of tents heaters come with varying levels of ability to meet your needs. So, determine the size of the camping tent that must have the ability to meet your requirements. If you are a single camper or as a couple, the small tent heater would be the right one to keep you warm up. If you want to go camping along with your family, then you must have to consider the large one that must have the ability to keep you every single individual warm-up.

Safety Features: Most people, including me, want to get safety from any kind of product. In the aspect of the tent heater, there must be less or more features for your safety. Sometimes you may need to decrease the heat of the heater owing to producing much more temperature.

Noise: The thing that you have to take into account is the noise. Some of the tent heaters come with a high noise level that is sometimes a great disturbance for you, and sometimes someone has the tolerances. So always try to get that one which doesn’t have noise.

Durability: Every single guy wants to get such a thing that must be durable. Durability sometimes depends on materials and sometimes depends on the design. So in order to know the durability of a tent heater, then check the good reviews on Amazon.

Best Camping Heaters for Tent (FAQs)

Is it safe to heat a tent overnight while I am sleeping?

Answer: Exactly not, and you should avoid using it when it is finished to heat up your tent. You should run your tent heater a few hours or minutes before you go to bed but do not run it overnight, any unexpected thing can happen while you sleep.

How long does a tent heater take to cool down?

Answer: Actually, it depends on how much heat it emits. Nevertheless, it should not take long, about 15 minutes at most. Some take much time and some of them take a short time.

Can a tent heater start a fire?

Answer: There is a possibility to happen, such an occurrence if you keep it close to, or if it comes across flammable materials. You should stay your heater about 3 feet away from anything.

Wrap it up!

If you generally go camping in the cold weather, you know how and with what you should spend your night at the campsite. As you know that you need a tent heater in order to enhance your comfortability in your tent.

There are different types of tents and brands available in the market. It’s advisable to have enough information before making the final decision; that’s exactly what our report is trying to impart to you.

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