10 Best Rectangular Sleeping Bag for Backpacking In 2023

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Best Rectangular Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

Those folks who are looking for the best rectangular sleeping bag for backpacking, then you are at the right place. While camping, a heavy sleeping bag can strain you as moving it from place to another can be problematic.

Due to this fact, we intend to equip you with useful information so that you can go home with a reliable sleeping bag. Besides, there is a handy buying guide to supplement the reviews section. Continue reading our article for juicy information.

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Best Rectangular Sleeping Bag for Backpacking Reviews

Teton Sports Celsius XXL Rectangular Sleeping bag

The Teton Sports Celsius XXL Rectangular Sleeping bag is the first rectangular sleeping bag on the list, boasting elegant features.

Features and benefits

  •         Half-circle hood: When this hood is combined with a drawstring bag, it will help you keep your head off the ground and provide additional insulation.
  •         Robust zipper: With the help of the tapered and anti-snag left-handed zipper closure system, these bag rolls open slowly so that you can get in and out.
  •         Draft tubes: The sleeping bag also has draft tubes to attach padding around the shoulder and then zippered areas to keep drafts out.


  • Free compression sack
  • Mummy hood
  • Offer added insulation
  • Interior pockets
  • Taped and anti-snag zipper closure system
  • Very comfortable
  • Pleasant materials
  • Pocket for valuables
  • Baffles for extra protection
  • Adjustable hood
  • Great price


  • Heavy
  • No zipper on the bottom

The 0-degree rectangular sleeping bag is perfectly designed for the cold, hence, making it perfect for camping, winter hiking, or backpacking.

REVALCAMP Indoor & Outdoor Rectangular Sleeping Bag

If you are not satisfied with the anove option, go with the REVALCAMP Indoor & Outdoor Rectangular Sleeping Bag.

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight design: The manufacturers build this one with a lightweight finish. This one is the perfect solution for your next outdoor activities.
  •  Varying colors: You will have available in a variety of color options, so you have the option to choose one of them according to your choice.
  • Spacious: The designs of this REVALCAMP Indoor & Outdoor Rectangular Sleeping Bag help you pick a personalized opportunity for any member of your family! This lightweight sleeping bag lets you connect your sleeping bags.
  • Highly portable: The REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag comes with a very portable and compact finish making them easily packable and convenient so that you will be able to carry along with you even in your backpack.


  • Affordably priced
  • Ultra Lightweight fabrication
  • Different color options and patterns
  • Water-resistant
  • Weatherproof fabrication
  • Quick to pack down


  • Low-quality storage bag

There are a lot of reasons to invest in this sleeping bag as it comes with the feature of a water-resistant, weather-resistant, and UV protected outer shell.

Coleman Brazos Rectangular Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Brazos regular sleeping bag comes with the feature of a seven roll control that helps you very smoothly to simplify packing.

Features and benefits

  • Highly portable: The seven roll means that you can carry by locking the edges of the bag together. The quick cord adds the 7-roll control design by eliminating the need to tie the cord in order to roll the bag for an easy one-person packing.
  • Heavy-duty zipper: The Coleman Brazos Rectangular Sleeping Bag uses the zipPlow system that utilizes the zipper guide for your secure closure as it pushes away the sleeping bag’s fabric toward snag-free closure.


  • Fiberlock construction
  • Prevent insulation
  • Enhanced durability
  • Roll control fasteners
  • Quick cord
  • ZipPlow system for snag-free closure
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with a stuff sack for easy packing
  • Very affordable price tag
  • Plush material around the edge for comfort
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  • Will not work for anyone taller than 5’11”
  • Bulky

With a view to complementing the bag’s ingenious zipper system, the Thermalock tube along the zipper helps to reduce heat loss effectively.

Redcamp Rectangular Sleeping Bag

The Redcamp Rectangular Sleeping Bag comes with the feature of a highly thermal hollow cotton fiber filling. This one has the ability to provide you with a 4 season performance.

Features and benefits

  • Cotton fiber insulation: The manufacturer couples such a feature to this Redcamp Sleeping Bag which is further integrated along with a soft flannel liner for maximum warmth as well as comfort.
  • Premium materials: On top of that, top-rated Redcamp Sleeping Bag comprises the feature of high quality and durable polyester construction.


  • Reverse zipper for left
  • Right-hand operation
  • Zipper system
  • Hollow cotton fiber
  • Warmth and comfort
  • Flannel lining for a soft inside
  • Windproof layer
  • Waterproof cover
  • Drawstring closure
  • You can attach two together
  • Delivered with compression sack


  • A bit heavy for backpacking
  • The ties and pack sack could be better

This option comes with a fully waterproof outer shell as well as undisputed durability.

Coleman Big & Tall Rectangular Sleeping Bag

If you are looking for a suitable backpacking sleeping bag for or hiking Everest during winter, the Coleman Big & Tall rectangular sleeping bag is a superb choice.

Features and benefits

  •  Robust construction: The perfect rectangular sleeping bag for backpacking in the cold features a quilt through construction while its Fiberlock feature assists in preventing insulation shifting.
  • Maximum insulation: Besides, the sleeping bag comes with the ability to deliver insulation and warmth in conditions of up to 0-degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Big and spacious design
  • Roll control design
  • Ideal for backpacking
  • ComfortCuff design surrounds the face for
  • Soft and warmth
  • Hollow cotton fiber
  • Flannel liner
  • Additional warmth and comfort


  • The lining is a bit scratchy

Some of the useful features to consider in this sleeping bag are spacious design, roll-control design, hollow cotton fiber, flannel liner, etc. You get all these with your money.

Norsens Rectangular Sleeping Bag

The Norsens rectangular sleeping bag comes with the ultimate versatility. This one doubles as a quilt or mat for a small family.

Features and benefits

  • High quality materials: Its construction has been done with a polyester outer shell, cotton flannel lining. More so, there is a hollow cotton fiber filling combination of soft, skin-friendly, insulation and unbeatable warmth.
  • Waterproof: The polyester outer shell comes with the ability to provide you waterproof and highly durable qualities. Sticker tape: This one is also fitted along with a magic sticker tape on the neckline to keep you intact. Besides, tape of the bag assists in preventing zippers from slipping.


  • Doubles as a quilt or
  • Mat for a small family
  • Easy to care
  • Machine washable
  • Water & weather-resistant finish
  • Fits individuals
  • Very light sleeping bag
  • Fit the ticket nicely
  • The service is guaranteed
  • It is comfortable
  • Easy to package


  • It made for heavy use

The versatility rate of this sleeping bag makes it outstanding. It doubles as a quilt or mat for a small family.

Browning Camping Mckinley Rectangular Sleeping Bag

The Browning Camping Mckinley Rectangular Sleeping Bag is another best option for backpacking.

Features and benefits

  • Robust construction: This bag comes with the finish along with a sturdy 210T nylon outer shell. It also comes with the ability to give you ruggedness and durability so that it can withstand the outdoor conditions.
  • Double-layer offset design: The two-layer offset construction of this bag, another one eliminates all col spots. The manufacturer designed this two-layer offset construction in order to insulate the chest, including zipper baffles for maximum heat retention.
  • Hood: The contoured hood and Tech loft insulation of this bag also lock in heat and can provide you the maximum insulation and loft.
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  • Sack and roll-up straps
  • Easy compression and transportation
  • Two-layer construction
  • Compressible
  • Prevent unwanted cold spots
  • Hooded design
  • Spacious wiggle room
  • Suitable for extreme conditions
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Keeps you warm in the cold


  • It doesn’t full unzip

Everything featured in this sleeping bag will make you smile.

Norsens Warm Weather Rectangular Sleeping Bag

The Norsens Warm Weather Rectangular Sleeping Bag comes with the ability to give an ultra-lightweight and highly warm sleeping bag.

Features and benefits

  • Premium materials: The manufacturer equipped the bag with cotton fillings’ unique shape-retaining quality that makes it perfect for large capacity.
  • Robust construction: The Norsens Warm Weather Rectangular Sleeping Bag comes with the durability, wear qualities, impressive anti-tear, and waterproofness.
  •  Ergonomic: The polyester pongee lining of this bag on the other end also has the ability to provide you skin-friendly comfort and high breathability.


  • Ultralight and warming finish
  • Velcro to prevent zippers from slipping
  • Wind and waterproof polyester ripstop covering
  • Dual zipper for smooth operation
  • Temperature range
  • Can roll over without a problem


  • Ends up always cold and wet

Its breathability and comfortable nature will surprise you. With the same cash, you enjoy all these features.

Aegismax Outdoor Rectangular Sleeping Bag

The Aegismax Outdoor rectangular sleeping bag gives high warmth and insulation at less than 2 pounds, so thanks a million to its goose down insulation.

Features and benefits

  • Elegant design: This one comes with the feature of a soft, smooth, and cushioning finish with a view to making sure that you can spend comfortable all night long.
  •  Highly portable: The Aegismax Outdoor rectangular sleeping bag has the feature of a packable finish thus, which creates it to pack and carry along with on your backpacking, camping.
  • Long-lasting: The nylon outer shell construction of Aegismax Outdoor rectangular sleeping bag on the other end contains the down insulation providing weather-resistance as well as durable, water-resistant coating.


  • Ultralight fabrication
  • Highly packable and portable
  • 3-season – summer, spring, and fall use
  • Seam-sealed outer
  • Baffle design
  • Temperature rating
  • Extra room while remaining warm


  • Is bulky than alternative bags

You must be wishing to invest in a durable sleeping bag. That’s the quality you should expect in this option.

Aegismax UL Rectangular Sleeping Bag

We can wind up our reviews with Aegismax UL rectangular sleeping bags that can still serve you if the above options aren’t there.

Features and benefits

  • Solid insulation: This bag comes with the feature of a goose down gold insulation filling enhancing the bag’s resilience even in the cold weather.
  • Robust construction: Its 15D nylon outer shell of this bag also has the ability to provide you a high density down proof weave for best functionality and protection.
  • Seam weave: The locked seam weave of the Aegismax UL rectangular sleeping bag intensifies the bag’s leak-proof, outer shell waterproof, and weatherproof qualities.


  • High density down proof nylon
  • Neck and zip draft tube
  • An easy and quick zipper closure
  • Tapered shape
  • Enhancing functionality
  • YKK zipper design
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  • Cold spots appear when you move too frequently

With the help of the sleeping bag decompressed and maintaining durability, you will be able to store its storage bag that will provide you even when not in use.

Buyer’s Guide


The point of insulation is the crucial fact that you have to take into account because your sleeping bag determines its performance and how much it will keep you warm. The best semi-rectangular sleeping bags, as well as rectangular sleeping bags, come with the feature of insulation in the form of filling like hollow cotton fibers, down and synthetic insulation.


The Next consideration of buying a sleeping bag for your camping trip is the weight. You want to use your sleeping bags in outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, or camping. The best semi-rectangular sleeping bags, as well as rectangular sleeping bags, definitely come with lightweight. So, you don’t want your sleeping bag to be too light at that time; it loses its functionality.

At the same time, if you don’t want it to be too heavy, then it weighs you down. An excellent choice of the sleeping bag will come with a weight of not more than 5lbs.


You want your sleeping bag to be protective because you will be using it outdoors. Some of the best semi-rectangular sleeping bags and rectangular sleeping bags are water-resistant, while others are waterproof. Yes, there must be a difference between water-resistant and waterproof. Although both work properly, waterproof sleeping bags are the correct choice because they will fully protect you from rain.

Fill Power

Fill power measures the volume of your insulation filling.Thus, if you want a high-quality filling, always go for a higher fill power. A fill power of approximately 600 fill is perfect. The Aegismax UL Rectangular Sleeping Bag, for example, boasts an 800 fill down goose insulation, which makes it suitable for cold-weather backpacking.


Q: What should I look for in a sleeping bag?

Answer: Comfort and warmth are the essential part of a bag, and the outside of a sleeping bag should be made from a durable material. Also, check the temperature rating of the sleeping bag so that you can stay warm in colder weather.

Q: Does material matter in a sleeping bag?

Answer: Down sleeping bags are much warmer than those types of bags which are made of synthetic. Take into consideration when and where you will use your sleeping bag, so you should know what kind of material will work properly in any condition.

Q: How often should I wash the sleeping bag?

Answer: If you are a camp enthusiast, you may desire to wash your sleeping bag after every single trip. First, you have to let it dry perfectly before packing it up. If you don’t want to wash the sleeping bag after every single trip, then you should take into account buying a sleeping bed liner for the inside.

Camping Ever Overview:

We can say that we are happy now because we could decorate a handy article with essential information for you. There are many rectangular sleeping bags that you can use for any outdoor purposes. You know that different types of sleeping bags are available in the market, having considered the material, weight, durability, and quality we have enlisted the products. So, you don’t have to worry about them and can buy one of them and grasp the comfortability. The decision-making process is now a breeze.

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