8 Best Tents for Motorcycle Camping In 2023

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Best Tents for Motorcycle Camping

Some people may wish to go camping with their riding gears like motorcycles, electric bikes, and hoverboards. They know exactly what it means to feel natural. These items will make your camping trip more dynamic with knowing a lot of things within much more short-time than without the riding gears.

Now, after using these items, I am sure you would wish to station them at a safe place. Doing so is necessary to protect them from rain or be cautious about stealing. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget carrying with you a suitable tent for motorcycle camping that will come with the ability to provide you both features of keeping your outdoor riding gears and night shelter.

Everything useful information has been coupled in this article. Don’t worry about the decision-making process; it should be a piece of cake.

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Good Tent for Motorcycle Camping Reviews

Vuz Moto Waterproof Motorcycle Camping Tent

The first great choice on our list is the Vuz Moto Waterproof Motorcycle Camping Tent. This waterproof motorcycle camping tent comes as one of the best motorcycle tents.

Features and benefits

  • Spacious enough: It comes with the ability to provide you plenty of space in which you will be able to store your motorcycle, and you will have plenty of space to sleep as well. You will be able to comfortably sleep two people together with enough space for three.
  • Robust construction: Additionally, the motorcycle camping tent is very sturdy as the manufacturers make this tent with aluminum poles but can stay light and portable.
  •  Easy setup: In terms of installation, you will have found the tent easy to set up, consuming less of your time.
  • Easy to use design: You will have found the tent with four entrance points, making it very easy to use.


  • Waterproof
  • Large bike area
  • Spacious design
  • Aluminum frame
  • Easy setup and easy to store
  • Very durable
  • A separate garage space
  • Multiple accesses
  • Durable floor and a sturdy


  • Not very lightweight yet can be easily transported

The sleeping area comes with the facility of comfort and provides you the right level of weather protection.

NTK Indy GT XL Motorcycle Camping Tent

The second motorcycle tent for camping is the NTK Indy GT XL Motorcycle Camping Tent. This tent is a top-rated tent for motorcycle camping that provides you all the features that you require.

Features and benefits

  • Easy installation: It is rapid and easy to assemble, which is very useful after a long day of riding.
  • Large capacity: You have found it very spacious and can comfortably sleep five people.
  •  Rain protection porch: The tent also comes with the feature of an extended rain protection porch at the front so that you can store your bike. This tent comes with a very high level of rain protection along with its double-layered rainfly as well as a large bathtub floor.
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  • Extended porch
  • Highly waterproof
  • Quick assembly
  • Affordably priced
  • Has a floor tarp for the vestibule
  • No seams on the bottom


  • No rain flaps

You will also have many other excellent features, such as the warming silver-coated floor, an inner mesh pocket, as well as an ‘O’ ring for a camping lantern.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Camping Tent

The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Camping Tent is what you are seeking for a good tent for motorcycle camping.

Features and benefits

  • Large capacity: This tent comes to the perfection of a 4-person tent even if you will be able to use it as a motorcycle camping tent. You know that Harley-Davidson is the biggest name in motorcycling. And their name got a permanent place owing to having the ability to serve as an excellent base for you as well as your bike.
  • Front storage: It comes with such a feature that the manufacturers specially design this tent to provide you shelter for your motorcycle.
  •  Easy installation: You will have found the tent easy to assemble along with the fiberglass frame. This one also comes with a high level of waterproof protection.


  • Full bike shelter
  • Easy to set up
  • Aluminum stakes
  • Reinforced floor seams
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to pack on the bike


  • Not as lovely as the picture

The provided aluminum tent stakes can offer it a high degree of strength and do have a rainfly along with clear windows for extra light as well as visibility.


NTK INDY GT Outdoor Motorcycle Camping Tent

You can go with NTK INDY GT Outdoor Motorcycle Camping Tent if the above options fail to impress you. This tent is perfect for those who are looking for something a little smaller and more lightweight.

Features and benefits

  • Highly portable: The weight of the NTK INDY GT Outdoor Motorcycle Camping Tent 12.3 pounds and, therefore, would be sufficient to take on your biking trip as it is relatively easy to carry.
  • Minimalist design: That lighter weight means that you won’t have the same level of space, but you are still able to sleep four adults.
  • Rain protection: More so this tent comes with a lot of rain protection, meaning that it can keep your bike dry with the extended porch.


  • Lightweight
  • Sleeps 4 adults
  • Heavy-duty floor
  • Nano-Flex Technology
  • Waterproof Floors
  • Micro-Mesh
  • Swift Assembly


  • Plastic Pole Attachment Clips

The materials used to manufacture this tent are of high quality. Besides, installing the motorcycle is a breeze.

High Peak Motorcycle Camping Tent

If you are looking for a classic tent for motorcycle camping, then you should buy the High Peak Motorcycle Camping Tent.

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Features and benefits

  • Minimalist design: This tent comes with a small amount of weight and small pack size, making it lightweight and perfect for motorcycle adventures.
  •  Spacious enough: It also comes with the feature of a covered area so that you can have plenty of sleeping space and will provide you a high level of weather protection.
  • Bathtub floor: Its other feature of this tent is a seamless bathtub floor, which has been tested in high winds.
  • Fiberglass poles: It comprises two sets of fiberglass poles that have the ability to provide you a straightforward setup that won’t take more than 3 minutes.


  • Lightweight
  • Small pack size
  • Quick setup


  • None

Overall, the above features make this tent one of the excellent motorcycle camping models out there.

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Dome Tent is another good motorcycle tent for camping. The features included in this tent make it an excellent tent along with a unique design.


Features and benefits

  • Spacious: It comes with an interior sleeping area so that you will have a separate area near the entrance where you can store your riding gear such as motorcycle, electric bike and hoverboard, and any luggage. You can sleep two people together, along with a comfortable amount of space.
  • Highly portable: The weight of this product is 18 pounds in total, and the tent will be erected relatively quickly.
  • Waterproof: When it comes to the waterproof design, it is water-resistant but flame retardant as well and is resistant to UV fading.


  • Unique design
  • UV resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Lightweight


  • None

This one is a convenient tent that comes with the ability to be packed down to a small size.

CATOMA Lightweight Motorcycle Camping Tent

The next motorcycle camping tent is the CATOMA Lightweight Motorcycle Camping Tent.

Features and benefits

  • Rain protection: This model has an extendable rain cover so that you can get your bike some shelter.
  • Easy to use: It comes with the feature of two doors, making sure that you can get easy access in and out of your tent.
  • Easy installation: The two wall design of this CATOMA Lightweight Motorcycle Camping Tent will allow for easy setup. When your camping gets finished, you will have been able to pack it away in the convenient carry bag.
  • Polyurethane: This is another exciting feature that you will meet in this tent together with a bathtub floor, including taped seams, which make it one of the most waterproof motorcycle camping tents available in the market.


  • Lightweight
  • Two walls design
  • Highly waterproof
  • Extendable rain cover
  • Two-door access
  • Easy to set up & carry
  • No shortage of strap points


  • Little on the heavier side
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The waterproof nature, two-door access, easy installation, among other features makes this motorcycle tent for camping outstanding in the market.

Teepee Waterproof Motorcycle Tent

The Teepee Waterproof Camping Tent is an excellent option for any biker. The dimension of the tent is 96.5-inch x 70.9-inch, and it also comes with an outer and inner layer.

Features and benefits

Waterproof design: The manufacturers make this tent with waterproof polyester as well as a good quality aluminum frame.

Portable design: Its weight is only 14.3 lb making it so lightweight, and it is quite spacious.

Spacious: You will be able to divide the tent into three different parts as a separate sleeping room, a parlor, and a motorcycle bay. In the inner tent, you can sleep two people together.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Extra- spacious design
  • Multiple entrances
  • Ability to accommodate two people & your bike
  • Waterproof inner & outer tent covers


  • The material is fragile

Buying this tent guarantees you the garage to park the bike, and also can store your other essential gears in the parlor. The tent comes with four entrances.

Buyer’s Guide

Now we are giving you a useful buying guide that will determine what type of tent would be perfect for you. This buying guide contains some good considerations that must be possessed in a good tent for motorcycle camping.

Identify your space need

First, you have to determine that where you will plant your tent must be larger and even. Because your tent will require much more space. The uneven place will be a little bit challenging.

Tent weight

Another important fact to consider before buying a good tent for motorcycle camping is its weight. The weight is the thing that will say how much your camping will be easier to set up. If your tent is lightweight, then you can easily set it up and carry it around. Your transportation won’t be that easy if the tent gets too heavy.


The third consideration is ventilation. Ventilation for a good tent for motorcycle camping is such a thing that will determine how many mesh windows and doors will be in your camping tent. A well-ventilated camping tent comes with two open mesh doors as well as windows, meaning that you will get respectively easy entrance and exit and fresh air.

Final words

Allow me to wind up our discussion by mentioning that the best tent for motorcycle camping should boast enough space to accommodate you and your bike. We have some models on our list that are spacious enough to accommodate even up to five persons and your motorcycle. This means that you should be careful when deciding the best model for impressive coverage.

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